Business began in 1975

From a system-design company, the business evolved to executive design and production of electric boxes for control, distribution and automation of related systems.
We provide our clients with a quality, prompt and precise service.

Our Mission:

We extend our role as SUPPLIERS, working as serious PARTNERS and with the skills necessary to support our clients in their design and construction choices, always while sharing the common objective of developing reliable equipment and systems that last over time.

Our Vision:

Promote overall sharing and commitment in the company in the need for continuous re-evaluation and resulting upgrading as necessary both within corporate organisation and operations. The enhancement process, implemented based on the expectations of all the relevant parties with the aim of optimising the company’s technical-economic competitiveness has always been adequately performed alongside the technological evolution of the sector and the market.

Corporate departments

The sales department is managed by expert technicians sensitive to client requirements


The Technical Office employs specialist technicians in project development who regularly work with AUTOCAD, EPLAN P8 , SPAC AUTOMAZIONE, SOLIDWORKS


A team of qualified and specialist operators work on assembly of the structure and components, wiring with every calibre of conductor and machining of copper bars


Specialists who carry out specific checks according to legislation in force, as well as set up of components and tests to ensure product correspondence with client specifications


Manages procurement of components, raw materials, semi-processed parts, third party services, checks warehouse stock and deals with supplier relations


The administration office traditionally deals with overall accounting, manages the financial area and carefully and constantly monitors corporate balance

The company today

The Elettrica Buttrio brand is advancing towards new horizons

Today, the company E.B. UP! S.r.l. is expanding its market interests, proposing the Elettrica Buttrio brand to also collaborate in different fields beyond the usual “heavy industry”, opening up to new types of products and new clients.

We want to promote our versatility, dedicating ourselves to even solving the more unusual projects proposed to us.

We are also available to work on small, interesting projects and are ready to service every niche of the market.